I have written a book about 29 of the Texas state parks with a lot of photos and a description of what it is like to visit these parks. You can get the ebook on Barnes and Noble here: e-book for 29 Texas State Parks

Or you can order the print version from blurb (if you don't find me in person). link to blurb, the print version of 29 Texas State Parks

To contact me you can email me at:


 I occasionally post on Facebook at:

Debbiecphillips Photography | Facebook

Other Books available:

Free ebooks available. Paperback books are print on demand and at the lowest price I could set.  I have finished 2 of my dad's sermon books and 2 of my mom's devotional books. They are on Barnes and Noble.  The e-books are free, print you get to pay for the cover the cost.

Here are the links:

to Richard Chapman's book

to Volume 2

to Poems and devotions

to a year long devotional book


I also wrote a very short personal book on my experience with getting dentures. If you have dental problems and are contemplating going toothless, this is a good resource and will help you find other resources. The ebook version is on amazon or Barnes and Noble. Link to Becoming Toothless e-book at Barnes and Noble

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